We live in a society today where babies are being born with birth defects that can cause them to have long-term or permanent health issues. This is not a situation that anyone should ever have to experience, however, thanks to the way modern medicine has advanced, it is of the utmost importance that individual’s utilize the options available and appropriately.

Special needs can be defined in a variety of ways and can affect anyone at any age. It is important to realize that when someone is enduring health problems that require them to be defined as special needs, the parents/caretakers should act with urgency.

An introduction to our team

Our team at Institute For Vision Development specializes in providing vision therapy to those that are diagnosed as special needs. We are located in Hixson, TN and believe in providing appropriate medical treatment to those that experience vision problems due to their special needs.

Special needs is defined as an individual whom may have learning disabilities, behavioral and/or emotional difficulties, and/or a physical disability. The latter situations can occur at birth or over time as an individual ages. Physical accidents such as car crashes, strong blunt hits to the head, and sport injuries (i.e. concussions) can also cause an individual to become special needs.

How can those with special needs have their vision affected?

On a daily basis we have realized that there are a variety of incoming patients that are unaware of how their vision (or their loved ones) can be affected by special needs health issues. We understand that most of the individuals that inquire our services are going through this unfortunate situation for the first time. This is why we believe in providing all of the appropriate information to our patients.

Depending upon the special needs case, their vision can be affected in a variety of ways. This could include temporary/long-term loss of vision, blurred vision (in general and in specific situations), and crossed eyes.

What are the benefits to utilizing vision therapy?

The benefits to utilizing vision therapy are treating the current problems as soon as possible before it becomes a permanent vision issue. With our vision therapy treatments, we are able to assist individuals by preventing vision issues (and treat them completely as well).

Contact our team for a consultation meeting

At Institute For Vision Development, we believe in providing the best vision therapy treatments possible to our patients. We are comprised of highly skilled and friendly professionals that are experts at providing the appropriate measurements for you and/or your loved ones. If you would like to setup a consultation meeting we are more than willing to to explain what we can offer in more details.

If you would like to contact our team to setup a consultation meeting, please feel free to call our phone number at (423) 710-3965. You can also reach our team via e-mail as well if that is easier for you by visiting our website. We have a short form that you can fill out with as little or as much details as you.